Intestinal examination

Are you experiencing digestive issues? Are you being sent home by your doctor with fiber sachets or a diagnosis of IBS? But do you feel like there could be a cause found, if only more tests could be done? We share that feeling with you!

At The Food Hospital, we distinguish between problems in the large intestine and those in the small intestine.

Our specialists can assess, based on your symptoms, which part of the intestine the problem is in; the small or large intestine. To better understand your problem, a specific test is often used.

For the large intestine, this is a stool test. For the small intestine, it’s a breath test. Both tests can be easily done at home.

Which symptoms do you recognize the most? Click below to go to ‘large intestine’ or ‘small intestine’.
Interested in learning more about the differences between regular stool tests and ours? Click on the image below.

Large intestine

Colon Examination

Small Intestine

Small Intestine Examination
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